Saturday, May 19, 2012

Master class in ye olde Sponge making

Today I asked my mother to guide me through making a 'sponge' She was an expert sponge maker in her day and now if she ever wants to eat sponge again it seems to be up to me. The lesson went well she approved of my method told me how to fold in the flour with a metal spoon in a 'light handed' way. It all looked promising until half way through the cooking I looked at some leathery looking circles in the oven. Full time bell, I removed them banged them on the cooling rack as I was told to do and now I suppose the proof will be in the this space it may turn out better than I expect?
This should have been posted before the photo post but I had forgotten that I had written it. The proof was in the eating as it tasted good.

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