Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stitches and weaves.

I like to create things.....I don't really design, it is more like an evolving, a coming together of ideas and eventually the finished work. I used to say to myself that I was a ' Jack of all trades and Master of none '. Now at this stage of my life I know that I am Master of some of my works !
Most of the time I am successful, some of the time I am not! I think this is to keep me humble and on my toes. This includes creations from the sewing machine to the kitchen table and in living each day.
I create Wedding Gowns, however today I am creating a Zeppelin, a Blimp, a Dirigible. A prop for my daughter's film making.
The beautiful photo above was taken to show the construction of the Blimp but in the taking, instead of rough white cotton sheeting it looks as though I am sewing a beautiful piece of bridal fabric....the magic of a camera in the hands of a talented young woman.