Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Pads for Mums and technology in the home

I am a mum with an I Pad, given to me out of concern that I didn't have anything to do at night while I sat with my daughter and husband. All of us watching TV but that is not enough, you need to multi skill while you watch. They had their Mac books and looked busy I just watched and didn't look busy enough When i was growing up I used to stay at a friends house and be amazed at her mum, who would watch 'Quincy Jones' knit her latest jumper and read her latest book for her book shop....amazing what a women! Now I have my I Pad I can multi skill as well as the next guy. Cook while using the recipe I've found on on my I Pad,check Facebook and prepare dinner. However lately I feel like this technology is taking over our lives, husband and I always have a computer or phone in our hands checking our status or playing games and now blogging. Multi skilling? As long as we remember to talk to each other all will be well!

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