Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ye olde Sponge

Taa Daa not so bad in the end it tastes nice but is not as good as I wanted it to be. Not as good as Mummy used to make. Mums sponge was much higher and fluffier using the same ingredients but using the old hand beater (better arm muscles)
I can't remember how to add a photo so I'll post then try to upload a sponge photo.
To add to my May Sponge post, now that I'm feeling more confident :) hopefully I will add the finished photo and then say TaaDaa!

TaaDaa....yayyyyyyyy I am feeling very smart

Working out how to use iPad for blogging

Keeping up with technology is not easy for me, so many questions to ask my family. So this will be interesting as there is no one around to ask for advice, it is a lazy Saturday afternoon. I have just bought an 'app' for blogging and am yet to work out how to upload a photo. I read a review that said blogging on the iPad is the best yet ?... I'll see if he was right!
It looks as though I have added a photo. This was my dog Anna, I dressed her in this outfit, she was a poodle after all! That's what they were designed for, playing dress ups and being a substitute sibling. She is sitting so beautifully.

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Master class in ye olde Sponge making

Today I asked my mother to guide me through making a 'sponge' She was an expert sponge maker in her day and now if she ever wants to eat sponge again it seems to be up to me. The lesson went well she approved of my method told me how to fold in the flour with a metal spoon in a 'light handed' way. It all looked promising until half way through the cooking I looked at some leathery looking circles in the oven. Full time bell, I removed them banged them on the cooling rack as I was told to do and now I suppose the proof will be in the this space it may turn out better than I expect?
This should have been posted before the photo post but I had forgotten that I had written it. The proof was in the eating as it tasted good.

I Pads for Mums and technology in the home

I am a mum with an I Pad, given to me out of concern that I didn't have anything to do at night while I sat with my daughter and husband. All of us watching TV but that is not enough, you need to multi skill while you watch. They had their Mac books and looked busy I just watched and didn't look busy enough When i was growing up I used to stay at a friends house and be amazed at her mum, who would watch 'Quincy Jones' knit her latest jumper and read her latest book for her book shop....amazing what a women! Now I have my I Pad I can multi skill as well as the next guy. Cook while using the recipe I've found on on my I Pad,check Facebook and prepare dinner. However lately I feel like this technology is taking over our lives, husband and I always have a computer or phone in our hands checking our status or playing games and now blogging. Multi skilling? As long as we remember to talk to each other all will be well!

Friday, May 18, 2012

update on quilt

 I have been working on my quilts since I last posted about them but there has been a huge break in between with a sick mum and a few wedding dresses.
I now have the quilt stitched together with a bamboo wadding and backing and it is ready for the folded bias edging to be applied by hand.
I was tempted to try applying the bias edging with the aid of my new Evolve over locker but my Mum says "no, it has to be applied by hand sewing". The over locker would do it very quickly and neatly as I had a practice yesterday. It would have to sewn using a chain stitch or cover stitch and that is not acceptable to my patch working Mum as you can see the stitching.

being a good blogger....?

I want to be a blogger but find it very hard to be dedicated. I think it is having the right words, to be as eloquent and entertaining as other blogs that I read. So I'm saying to myself "just start" and so I will.
 I have been given a beautiful Baby Lock Evolve not to own :( but to work on :) which is probably even better as I didn't pay for it but get to enjoy it.
This is the beginning, the mastering of another world of sewing. I have started with the basic over locking finishes and sewn together an Apron entirely on the Evolve. The most beautiful rolled hem using black woolly nylon. A gathered skirt using the gathering foot ( no pulling up gathering threads) and it is gathered while being sewn together. I think I'm falling in love.