Saturday, September 4, 2010

loops and lots of buttons

Fortunately for me, my Bride loves buttons and loops as I have sewn for her before. On her formal dress we put 40 buttons and loops down her side seam.
I thought I would share the way I make these babies!

Firstly I have cut 2.5 cm bias strips from the satin fabric. I then fold it in half and place it under the machine foot with the foot directly on top of the fold. That makes the needle sew at 0.5 cm which is approximately half of the folded strip and with this fabric that means I don't have to cut back any excess.
I then use a 'Rouleaux Turner' which I insert through my sewn tube until it pokes out the other end. The turner takes a small 'bite' of the fabric where it has poked through and then you pull the turner back through toward the other end.
Hold the fabric tube with thumb and forefinger of one hand as the other hand pulls through the turner. This process guides as the turning happens, it is a slow gradual process.
The seam allowance that you left on the tube now forms a padding in the middle of the rouleaux.
I then cut each strip of finished rouleaux into 5 cm lengths ready to pin in place.
This is my first sewing lesson I hope it is clear enough to understand. Maybe only my own daughters will read it so I hope it will help them.

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