Saturday, September 4, 2010

and sew it begins...

I have just started creating a new wedding gown for my dear friend's daughter. As I start I pray for clarity of mind before I cut into the expensive fabric and lace they have entrusted me with .... it is a big responsibility!
This time I have decided to blog as I go ... something new to me.
And ... this time I am attempting to use Spiral steel boning in my bodice.
The blogging is giving me something new to learn and to maybe help someone out there like myself with some tips on sewing!
In the last week I have spent more time reading blogs than sewing 'the dress'. I have been searching for help on how to use the spiral boning. At the end of the week I have decided to jump in and take a little of what others have to say and try some of my own ideas as well.

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